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A 3 part on demand workshop that will show you both how to take your teens skills to a new level 

Your Skills

Michelle Koles - Director of Ignite 4 Impact and The Global Youth Compassionate Leadership Program

She will lead this workshop and guide your teen to finding their hidden skills, understanding the importance of their story and helping them make an impact in their activities. 



your hidden skill



Gail Swift - President of Plans To Prosper. 



She will guide your teen to take their  skills and help show you what they mean in terms of their path

Plans To Prosper


your impact

Andy Boenau - Chief Marketing Officer of spikeview

He will help you see how your teen's skills make up their story and teach them ways to visually showcase their skills and talents. 



your life

Kristen Fauson - Owner of Launch College Consulting

She will show you how to take your teen's tasks and skills to help plan better for high school/beyond from selecting the right classes to delving deep into choices that make a bigger impact. 

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