Leadership - Setting Goals

#goals #leadership Aug 08, 2021

Last time, I started talking about getting out of your comfort zone. I hope you were able to think about what makes you uncomfortable, but if you do it, it can have great benefits. 

If you decided what you need to do to get out of that comfort zone (CZ)and try something new, HOW do you do it?

First you need to set a goal. Remember one of the STEPs was to Total the outcomes. Those outcomes can be part of your goal. Be specific. 

By doing _________I will be able to ____________

When I complete ___________ I will be able to_____________

When I finish _______________I will have learned _____________

What exactly are you planning to do and why?


For years, I have worked with my oldest on getting out of his comfort zone.  Just leaving him to do what he wants, he would be in his room all day, go to school, eat and sleep. One of the big ways we worked at getting him out of his CZ was to get a job. He wanted money, but wasn't sure about getting a job. He wondered what can I do as a young teen? Do I have the qualifications needed? Will it fit in my schedule? Aghhhh! Its much easier to stay at home. But his goal was to make money and at home there is only so many times he can do odd jobs for me to make a few dollars! My goal though for him was to learn to be responsible, manage his own money, take direction from someone other than me and his teachers, learn social skills, work on a set of directions to perform tasks, and to be leader!

That's a lot of goals! But they are all things required to be successful in life. So getting him out of that CZ was very important, but was his goal in making money important enough to step out? 

After talking with him....a lot about his goals, he was ready to go. 

So back to your list from before. What is the thing you need to do that is out of your CZ? 

Now fast forward to the end of the task. What do you think you will gain at the end? How will that improve your life? 

So here is your task......

1. Write down your task, project, situation that you want to do that is out of your CZ. (You should have already gone through the STEPs to determine if this is the right thing to do from last blog post)

2. Think about all the things you will learn / gain from doing it. 

3. Narrow down that list of things you will learn/gain into at least one thing that excites you or motivates you to moving forward. 

4. Plan to do it! We'll talk next about that part!


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