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#global Aug 23, 2021

The 3 pillars of our program are



Global Connection

The first, for me, are things I have done for a long time! They come naturally for me. I have been in many situations where being a leader was needed. I was a teacher in many areas, so obviously I needed to be a strong leader of my students. In one school, I was a leader of other teachers in my building leading them in ways to better teach reading. In the school I owned, I had to lead not only my students, but my teachers and parents. I lead in my church, in my groups and in my family! Also in all those situations, I needed to be a compassionate leader. I needed to show caring and empathy to all I was leading. I did truly care about them, but to be a good leader, if your group does not feel like you care they are less likely to work with you as a team. 

What was unfamiliar to me and something I recently realized is the third component of the program. Global connection. 

Back when I first started this program, I was told to join a platform to network. Little did I know the importance of that. I started making connections with people; people whose mission and ideas resonated with me and my mission. I was meeting with others who believed in my mission, gave me advice, supported me and some even became some of my experts on my team! 

Some of these people resided in other parts of my country, but many were in far off countries! Places like New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom!

The more I connected with people the more people I met from even more countries. I was learning so much about other cultures and how we are all different, but also the same. 

My network grew and by the time we started our program, we had students, teachers and experts from over 10 countries! 

Networking is so important. We don't know everything and we don't have to! Networking provides us with connections to others for advice, support, other view points and more! But global networks does even more. We get a chance to learn those things from a totally different view point. We also get to develop empathy as we learn what other people from other areas are going through. We don't just read about on the internet or see it on TV. We learn it first hand. And in this time we are living in with COVID, fighting, and other struggles, it is more important now more than ever to connect with others globally to begin to understand the world and how it works. 

So how do aspiring leaders begin to be global leaders? With the internet and social platforms that reach in all areas of the world, start finding those people who are like minding. There are teens doing amazing things all over the world. Find them on instagram! In our last program we connected with a young lady in India who was making a difference in mental health. It was amazing for my group of teens see another teen who struggled just like them and doing great things. They connected and who knows where that connection has led to!

I like to think of it like a tree. You are a branch. And when you make a connection, it forms another branch. Then as those connections lead to other connections, it forms more branches and leaves. 

So grow your global network. Learn from others who are different. See your similarities. Respect and gain knowledge from them and their culture. It will make you a better, more well rounded and compassionate leader! 

Get on social media. Search for other like minded teens and young adults. See what they are all about. Or check out our global youth compassionate leaders Facebook group and get connected now! 


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