Founder, Michelle Koles, has spent the past 25 years educating students of all ages and abilities, from opening a Montessori school for little ones through teaching young adults in college. 

With this experience, her Masters in Leadership in Teaching and founding the beach safety non profit, The Eena Project, she has created Ignite4Impact, which educates youth in compassionate leadership. 

She knows the value in skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving and how they are the foundation of anything you do in life - from a stay at home parent to a CEO of a large company. But aside from those skills, she is passionate about serving others. We all have special God given gifts and talents and our primary purpose in life to help others. 

Ignite4Impact has an amazing team of experts who believe in the power of compassionate leaders and the importance in educating our youth for the world. 

          Trevor W Goodchild                               Wa'qaar Mizra                                        Tilley Fine

             Dr. Jessica Ashe.                                  Andy Petranek                                     Gail Swift