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 --Global Collaboration 

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Compassionate, Global Leaders of The Future

Teens and young adults from all over the global work together to create and run their own compassion projects to better their community. They learn and use POWER SKILLS to complete the weekly tasks with the help of their team, the whole group and experts from around the world. During the week, they check out additional skills and work on their tasks with their local team. At the end of the program, they create their own video about their project's IMPACT!


    Team work, Critical Thinking, & Planning

Global Collaboration

   Global Meetings, Experts & Support


Create, Connect, & Complete your project


"Ignite 4 Impact was even more than I had expected. Although I had signed up my son for the 4-week challenge, I realized it was actually helping both of us think and explore opportunities to impact our world differently. I loved that he could participate and interact with the weekly videos when it worked for our schedule and the speakers were diverse and inspiring. I would recommend this to parents like me that are trying to find things for our kids to be connected with that will help them grow and flourish in new ways. " 

-Mom of a 13 year old

"My experience in working with Ignite4Impact gave me a sense of community where I could help contribute to a great cause! The monthly challenges for teens, I believe guide and influence their behaviors and sense of philanthropy and service to others. Working with Michelle was effortless and inspiring! I am honored to be a part of such an amazing movement."

-Mom of a teen and Parenting Coach 

Past Students & Teachers Say...

"I am just blown away by all these amazing people. I’ feel like it is so cool to see everyone from all these different countries coming together and learning from each other . We all have similar values and I love seeing that in groups"
-17 year old from Canada
It is an honor to be here. I really thank you dear friends for allowing us this great opportunity
- teacher from Iraq
I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of you. Thank you for this one of a kind opportunity you've given to me. I really enjoyed the sessions that we had. I am amazed about the culture that my classmates shared to me. Just wow! The COOLture!
-student from The Philippines 

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